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Why Devil's Luck ?

My jewelry is made for those who live life their way – those who live to be different.

The question I’m often asked is, “Why Devil’s Luck?” There are people who’s luck is so good it seems they’ve made a deal with the devil. In truth these people have forged their paths through strength of spirit and belief in their vision.

They’re Non-conformist. Brave. Original. Adventurous. Led by possibilities and not deterred by what if’s.

I hope you enjoy my jewelry and artwork as much as I enjoying offering them to you.


Your Furbebei Pendants

Hand-painted cloisonne and vitreous enamel pendants made in the likeness of your sweet fur baby.

Just got my custom cat head pendant and it turned out better than i could every imagine! Maggie made sure the colors were just right from a photo I provided. I am so happy that I am ordering 6 more for my friends as gifts. I can 't believe the amount of time invested into each pendant, they are detailed pieces of art and are so whimsical!
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Mermaid Enamels

Hand-painted cloisonne and vitreous enamel mermaid.


Check out the instagram (@devilsluckjewelry) for more.